Pages, chapter and books. Unfold. At once, and sometimes never. Often misread. Across various stances, incoherent, disjointed and disconnected. Eventually abandoned. Crumbled, crushed and contained, pages deteriorate Chapters , incomprehensible. And the book, incorrigible.                   Advertisements


They said, “Write something happy.” And your name popped into my head. So here we are! I am sitting here listening to the Lumineers. Because my best friend loves them, and we have so much in common. But at the back of my mind, I am thinking about you. Shall I mention the smile on…

A story in my head

And just as I had thought, the story was lost
For my subconscious realized I was awake.


“It’s poetic,” they said to her. And it really was. Pure and genuine, sad and beautiful all at the same time. But you know what? She didn’t want it to be poetic. True, great stories are crafted like that. But I bet Romeo would have preferred a happily ever after with his Juliet, and living…

The girl and the pearl

There was once a girl, who was walking down the road. Then she saw a shining pearl in the pond with a smiling toad. The girl was intrigued, it was such a peculiar thing. There never was a pond, And jewels belonged to the King So she enquired him. But the frog refused to answer,…

An evening without my phone

I wonder if I could do it. Spend an evening by myself. Occupied by my own thoughts. Away from all the distractions. I wonder if I could do it. Spend an evening not checking Whats app messages from people who never text me anyway. I wonder if I could do it. Spend an evening ignoring…


My thoughts, if only I could put them into words They would simply ask me, “Who are you, lady? ” For I seem to have lost a part of myself, somewhere dark. All that is left is a shadow of who I really was. For I have worn a mask, so long that it has…


Think before yo do. If you don’t mean it, don’t say it.