A leaf one autumn day

Like a leaf one autumn day,
she blew with the wind.
Hoping to float far away,
and leaving everything behind.
Embracing all that came her way.
Storm, rain or sunshine.
Too far did she stray?
Oh,  the wilderness was not so kind.

The leaf  one autumn night,
just fell on the ground.
The wind stopped and so did her flight.
There was no familiar sound,
or a friendly sight.
She lay there, with dust all around,
thinking of ways to flee or fight.
A plethora of thoughts so profound,
tortured her, to her fright.

So like the leaf of autumn day,
she breathed into the air.
The heavy thoughts, as they would say.
Just flowed here and there,
making everything along the path sway.

The leaf created her own wind.
And like the leaf of autumn,
she flew with it.


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